Hello there

My name is Morgan Quinn. I’m a Content Designer. Nice to meet you!

You've landed here for a few reasons:

1. You are searching for supermodel Morgan Quinn of Project Runway fame. Spoiler alert: That's not me. 

2. You've come across my name somewhere online and I convinced you to visit my website. Hello and welcome! Make yourself at home. 

3. You're looking for content: UX writing, content marketing, web content...all that good stuff. Congrats! You've come to the right place. 

I'm a Content Designer and freelance content creator, which means I put the right words in the right places. I'm currently a Senior Content Designer for TurboTax and when I'm not busy untangling taxes, I am a personal finance freelance writer. That stuff goes on sites like US News, Huffington Post, Time, Business Insider, MSN, and more. 

I've also created content for brands like Mint.com, Quicken, Ugg Australia, Dr. Scholl's, Chiquita Banana, Huggies, and Avery for Martha Stewart.  

Thanks for stopping by!